27 Thoughts I’ve Had Since Turning 27…

It’s been almost a month since I turned 27, an incredibly freezing cold and unremarkable one. Sure I’ve cried at work (standard) and sipped red wine from a bottle mid week (like a thirsty baby whose parents should really be punished) but otherwise life has been a little uneventful. This has allowed my mind plenty of time to wander and I truly hoped to have written at least 4,000 more words on a sneaky little novel that I may or may not be working on…instead I’ve just done this – a list of 27 thoughts that have squeezed into my mind since celebrating the date of my birth.
Don’t hate me because you ain’t me? Yeah just pity me because you’re probably doing better than me…

  • This feels just like 26
  • Surprisingly hangovers hurt less. Or I drink less…drinking is expensive.
  • (While having a sneaky perv at a bunch of boys doing some footy training) damn, that is some tasty talent out there…oh wait…I think I used to baby sit that one. Shit.
  • I thought I’d be more impressed by myself by now. I have gotten very good at playing ‘adult’ though. Fooled them all.
  • I thought I’d feel wiser…more worldly…over night
  • My mum had a school aged child when she was my age…me!
  • Is it normal that I felt slightly aroused when my boyfriend announced that he had already completed his tax return? And it’s only August?
  • This cake is nice and all but do you think I’d lose my job if I demanded an acapella group performing Up Town Girl for next years birthday?
  • If I go crazy then will you still call me super man?
  • If I’m alive and well will you be there holding my hand?
  • What ever did happened to that band 3 Doors Down?
  • How Bootylicious is too Bootylicious?
  • I wonder how much snot I have produced in my life so far. Like if I wanted to put it all in a jar, how big would that jar have to be?
  • Why didn’t the guy in the TLC Waterfalls video just use a condom? It was the 90s, he should have known better.I guess if he had worn a condom TLC wouldn’t have written Waterfalls and that would have been a shame.
  • I should probably start listening to music from this decade
  • I think in the form of questions a lot…does that make me a philosopher? Or do they have to be intelligent questions for that to be a thing?
  • I haven’t done anything good enough to make me eligible to join the 27 club which is kind of a bummer…but at least I won’t die this year. Probably. It doesn’t actually work like that, does it?
  • Maybe if I stopped wasting my time on writing stuff like this then I could actually do something good…maybe
  • Why does it seem that they always play the same episodes of Sex and the City and Law and Order SVU on TV? Or do I just tune in whenever those episodes happen to be playing? Is someone playing a big TV joke on me? Why would I be important enough for someone to do that?
  • Am I being neurotic?
  • What even is neurotic?
  • Oh I just looked it up. Yep. I am actually super neurotic. I got nervous going to the swimming pool the other day because I was worried that there was a heap of swimming pool etiquette I didn’t know and I would make a dick of myself. It took me three hours to talk myself into going to the pool and guess what? I had a lovely time. Except my hair kept smelling like chlorine for days…even after I washed it. I wonder if people noticed…
  • Every time I see a cat I think about what it would be like to eat a cat first, then I want to pat it second. Is that weird? I don’t think I would like the taste. I imagine it would be like plain chicken which really isn’t a thing that I like. Or tiger. I think a cat would taste similar to a tiger. I’ve never tasted tiger. Though I do think that neither of those things would taste like lion – it’s just logical.
  • Is it possible to sing the theme tune to Arthur the Aardvark and still feel sad?
  • Am I the only one who finds Eternal Flame by the Bangles to be super creepy?
  • I wonder if people can tell that my legs are hairy under my stockings
  • Shit, my long term plan as a child was to get married at 27. I guess I’ve got 11 or so months to make that happen – anyone willing to help a sister out?


…Tune the next time I write a post to find out if my plan is on track…the marriage one that is.

10 Reasons To See One Beer Weird

Hey gorgeous! If you’ve made it this far you’re probably my kind of people already. I mean to get here you had to knowingly click on a link or type in a URL featuring my name – which is pretty confronting in itself – so go you! Pour yourself a wine, you deserve it. Don’t worry, I’ll wait til you’re done (I’m polite like that (which is a good enough reason to see my show, right?)) but even though you’re here, maybe you’re not sold yet. If so, fear not, for I have compiled a list, complete with 10 excellent reasons that my show is perfect for you.

  • You saw the 2007 film The Bucket List and which you found it endearing and inspirational, you thought “I reckon a 26 year old girl from Adelaide could do that better”
  • You understand that there is no science behind vision boards however you’ve read (and kind of believed) that they totally work
  • You have the bizarre desire to exercise some control over another person’s life (you weirdo)
Could YOU even choose between Whitney or Britney?!
  • You get very chatty after one drink
  • You don’t even need one drink to get chatty
  • You know what a bucket list is and the first item on yours is to write one
Come on, I dressed up as my dead dog for a party…
  • You have one single signature dance move that you pull out at every social occasions and sometimes just when a really good song comes on in the supermarket
  • You’re a generous, loving weirdo who wants to help a lost little kitten (me, I am the kitten in this scenario) find her way in this big bad world
Help me, I’m so lost…
  • You like to laugh (well that was a given)
  • You sometimes wonder if you’re alone or if everyone else is just as nuts but just not showing it…

Are you convinced yet? If I got you across the line, you can grab tickets from here but if you aren’t there yet, maybe I’m not for you (and you therefore have terrible taste!)

Sorry not sorry

I’m really sorry to say this but the word ‘sorry’ sucks. Is it just me or is it insanely over used? I know that I am constantly apologising for things completely out of my control – usually in the work place. I like to think that it makes me come off as a good person; helpful and polite. Whenever I do it though, I feel like a complete twat. Like “I’m sorry that I don’t know where ‘so&so’ is, perhaps he went to get a coffee?” I say to my manager – but why should I be sorry? That guy is probably having the time of his life flirting with the cute girl at the coffee shop. Jerk.
I wrote myself a post-it note and stuck it to my computer “stop saying sorry” it said, and when of the senior managers asked me what it was about, I explained it to him as succinctly as possibly – apologising at least three times during the process.
I know it’s something that we’re told as women to do less – apparently we all take on all the burdens of the world and feel the guilt tenfold that of men. I don’t know if that’s true though, I’ve met some very overly apologetic men in my time (but granted, some of those apologies were deserved – I’m looking at you ‘terrible sex Todd’ – not his real name…)
I feel crap every time I apologise unnecessarily. That being said, I’ve got a few things I do need to apologise for before I truly commit to erasing sorry from my life – so without further ado…

  • I’m sorry to my brother Nick for all the times I told you to do things as a kid just so that I could watch you get into trouble. Mum, there was one time when I told him to throw our freshly laundered pyjamas in the bathtub just for the LOLs. And that was before LOLs were even a thing. (I’m not sorry for laughing when you got caught wagging school because one of your moronic mates posted about it on Facebook).
I’m sorry that there was every a time in history where Nick & I thought we could pull this off.
  • I’m sorry to past Alicia for encouraging unrealistic expectations. I know I promised that we would never live in a house that had a shower curtain because you hate the way the stick to you. I’m sorry I lied. (I’m not sorry that you have spent the past three years showering in a bathroom with a shower curtain, its clingy ways have helped develop strength to endure through adversity in a very white middle class way).
  • I’m sorry to my co-workers who had to put up with me answering every question by reciting the opening monologue of Law and Order SUV one day last week. I recognise that it was very annoying to hear it twenty times in one afternoon. (I’m not sorry that I did it though, having memorised that short paragraph has helped shaped the person I am – one week later).
  • I’m sorry to my parents for trying to win every adolescent argument with the phrase “I never asked to be born”. It was low and shitty. (I’m not sorry that I thought it though – it’s a valid point, I don’t remember sending in a request form asking for ‘life’ – maybe my parents should have considered the very real difficulties that I would face in my privileged life before conceiving me. Bed at 10pm when you’re fourteen is a bullshit rule).
I’m pretty sure that my general expression in this photo says “wasn’t abortion a viable option?”
  • I’m sorry to everyone I’ve ever been at a social event with, for over indulging in the nibbles to the point of embarrassment (I’m not sorry for enjoying and relishing in every beautiful mouthful).
  • I’m sorry to every male that I have ever and ever will be in a relationship with, for sharing with you my unpleasant smells, sounds, moods and opinions (I’m not sorry for shattering your belief that the female of the species is a delicate little porcelain unicorn that should be placed gently upon a pedestal for fear of breaking – I’m glad that someone finally alerted you to the fact that we’re more alike than you would ever care to admit). I am also sorry for every orgasm I have and ever will fake…in the big scheme of things, that’s not really helping anybody is it?
  • I’m sorry to my current self, for any time that I ever made myself feel bad for a choice that I have made. For criticising my physical self and my mental self. I am far more capable than I usually allow myself to believe and I need to stop treating myself like shit (I’m not sorry about the negative talk that I gave myself when I over plucked my eyebrows in year nine. That was deserved, those brows were dangerously abused and if I had not been so harsh on myself I may still have pencil thing lines above my eyes implying that I am in a constant state of shock or surprise which would be truly dreadful).


I’m sorry I ever allowed these brows to leave the house.

In answer to Justin Bieber, it’s never too late to say sorry but maybe sometimes it’s just not necessary. I had a conversation with someone recently who told me the word is never required so I decided to call his bluff and said; “what if I maliciously kill someone, slowly and sadistically with incredibly will and intent – should I say sorry at some point?” and he said “well if you meant to do it then you’re really not sorry”. Touché old man.  I don’t 100% comprehend it but regardless I will take it as pure gospel.

The Crazy World of Alicia Norton

Welcome to my Blog. This is where I share my musings, ideas and links to articles that I have written elsewhere.

Feel free to wade through the articles or click through to some of the following links


October 2021

I just wanted to share how I was feeling in October 2021. 


Let’s Just Make This Shit Up as We Go Along.

Have you, as a qualified adult individual, ever sat in a meeting, a professional business meeting in your grown up adult joby job and felt like you might be a child playing ‘work’ for the day? And have you ever shared this feeling out loud with your (awesome) co-workers only for them to absolutely agree? I don’t think it’s imposter syndrome, before you go down that path (even though in some way it likely is) but what I think it might be, is the fact that we really are all just big kids pretending to be what we think adults should be, like a solid 90% of the time.

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How Dancing Kept Me Dandy All Through The Pandy 

I’m not sure that there has been a day that’s gone by in which I haven’t danced. For all my thirty-one years on this planet, I’ve jigged and jived and boogied along, through the good, the bad and even just the bland (my feet tapping about under the table to music only existing in my head throughout some of the most mind-numbing meetings that have ever existed).

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Why Don’t You Just Walk Then?

kindy fete

I don’t recall ever running away from home as a kid – but I do recall almost scaring my mum to death when I decided to walk to the Ashton kindy fete.

The year was 1995, as a shy five-year-old, I was surprisingly keen on the local social scene – the highlight in my calendar was the kindergarten fete.

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Sex, Bananas & Degrassi: Health Education in 2006

Sex Degrassi and Bananaspng

Let’s take a moment to set the scene: It’s 2006, I’m fifteen – but I’ll be sixteen in July. This is a detail that’s always important until you turn twenty or so. No matter what age you currently are, it is important to highlight the age that you will be next (as if the person you’re addressing can’t count). I don’t have sex, my friends and I don’t talk about it – we weren’t “the type” (which is a definition I regret making between us and what I assumed of other groups).

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Aldi Special Buys Saturday: A Cultural Phenomenon

Dear reader, friend and foe, I recently experienced a cultural phenomenon I thought only existed in American movies and pre-online shopping myth. I was caught in a throng of thirsty bargain seekers, early one morning out the front of a suburban Aldi, anxiously awaiting access to their famed special buys range.

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Seven Things I Learned This Cum Tree Season

As spring starts to ease into summer and the air becomes clearer, the scent of the previous months begins to fade, with many breathing a sigh of relief. From about the beginning of September each year, people are on guard, keeping a look out for white petals beginning to bud on trees in what were previously safe and innocent suburban neighbourhoods. As the branches begin to bloom on the visually stunning Ornamental Pears, an awful smell begins to suffocate anyone who dares leave their home.

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Growing-Old Pains 

growing old pains

Last week I hurt my back while putting on pants. They weren’t complicated pants (whatever that means) and it wasn’t just a ‘ouch that hurt a little bit’ pain. It was a ‘looks like I’m stuck in bed requiring assistance when I need to go to the toilet’ kind of pain.
It fucking hurt.

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WriteMore Competition Submission

WriteMore Cover

A little while ago I entered a short story in the ‘WriteMore’ writing competition in the Moreland council. I didn’t win anything (but I got a snazzy certificate and a went to a fun writers talk) but I thought I would share what I wrote so that someone gets to read it.

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The. Best. Fringe. Yet. 

blog cover

I sit at home on my couch in Melbourne writing a reflection of my shortest yet most absolutely brilliant Adelaide Fringe festival so far.

It’s the last weekend of Fringe, my boyfriend has jumped on a plane to head over for the final weekend party and I’m here with beer, my laptop and party tunes playing from the TV (which has made me realise that Mandy Moore’s ‘Candy’ really didn’t get the credit it deserved- or maybe that beer is stronger than I thought…)

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How to survive the Adelaide Fringe

cheryl and chardee blog image

(Originally published on Adelady) Fringe has arrived and just like Christmas (but without your weird auntie Sharon getting drunk and taking her teeth out) it’s exciting, confronting, and sometimes a little bit overwhelming.
Without a doubt it’s the best time to be in Adelaide; the weather’s great, all your mates are out and there a million and one things to do but it’s always good to grab a little advice – so we got in touch with a couple of ladies who know exactly how to help out…

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The (almost) Relationship Ending Fart.

Fart pic

Three days ago I involuntarily unleashed a sound and scent from my body that caused me to question my ability to love myself. I couldn’t even begin to think about how it affected my boyfriend who was standing a mere meter away. Sure, I’ve farted in front of him plenty of times before – hell; I’ve probably even farted on him but this fart was different on so many levels.

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My Dream Netflix Sub-Genre

Happy Sad image

I’m not crying, you’re crying…okay I’m bloody crying, there’s a torrential downpour of salty dampness falling from my peepers and I bloody love it, okay? Okay. I did this to myself, I have no one else to blame and I regret nothing.
This is exactly how I feel after watching Cool Runnings. Or Save The Last Dance. Or Dirty Dancing. Not because they’re sad, per se – sure it’s sad that I’m sitting here in a Friday night, sure it’s a bit sad how (spoiler alert) the fast running dude doesn’t get to go to the Summer Olympics and it’s definitely a kick in the guts when (spoiler alert) Julia Styles’ characters mum dies, and it’s definitely a complete tragedy when Baby’s sister embarrasses herself by singing – but it’s not ‘choke on your Kahlua and milk because you can’t breathe between tears’ level sad. But somehow that’s exactly what I manage. Every. Single. Time.

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27 Thoughts I’ve Had Since Turning 27

27 thoughts Ive had since turning 27

It’s been almost a month since I turned 27, an incredibly freezing cold and unremarkable one. Sure I’ve cried at work (standard) and sipped red wine from a bottle mid week, like a thirsty baby whose parents should really be punished but otherwise life has been a little uneventful….

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The More I Bleed The More I Learn – Part Two: The Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital

Hello Kitty Cover Image

Ever woken up, checked the calendar (okay, more realistically the date on your phone) and thought “oh golly gee, seems like I should be surfing the crimson tide today” (okay, more realistically “fuck it, my period is due sometime soon”)? And like, it’s never really a good day when you realise that (if it comes it’s a 4 or so day bummer and if it doesn’t…blargh let’s not go there) – you’ve gotta find silver (crimson) linings where you can though, it’s the small things y’know? Like the excitement of reading the fun facts in the Libra wrappers. Yeah, life is really peaking.

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Interview with Toby Oliver

Get Out Cover

‘Get Out’, the hit directorial debut from comedian Jordan Peele has received rave reviews, wowing critics both here and in the US.

Mixing both horror and comedy, the film presents moments of true spine-tingling fear mixed with well-crafted jokes to create a thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining and thought-provoking piece of film.

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The more I bleed, the more I learn – Part One: The Russian Beard Tax
Making the most of the luxury goods tax, one factual month after the other.

Russian Beard Tax Cver

So you might not be aware but menstruation is a thing that happens on the reg for many around the world. For the uninitiated let me enlighten you: there ain’t much joy to be found in it. For some, slight happiness can be found in the revelation that they made it through another month without accidentally bringing life into the world but that’s where it stops for silver linings – or in this case, more like reddish brown linings (sorry not sorry).

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Snag a Snag: The Lazy Girls Eating Guide

Bunnings and Snag

Today I stopped by Bunnings just to get a sausage. I wandered in the door to make it look like I had a legitimate reason to be there and all I did was pat a dog (yes, people can and do take their dogs to Bunnings, note to single men out there, take your dogs to Bunnings, it is an excellent place to pick up).

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The Adelaide Bucket Stuff It List


Adelaide, you’re amazing! You’re my home town – the only place I’ve ever lived in fact, but that’s all about to change as I do one of the most typical Adelaide things to do…and leave Adelaide.
Many a list has been put together of fantastic things to do in Adelaide (here’s one from the Adelady gals)  before you kick the proverbial bucket but what about a list of things to do when you’ve decided to leave the city (for a while)? What about a list for when you say “I’m going into hiding (moving to Melbourne) for a while”?
I present to you, the Adelaide stuff it list.

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10 Reasons To See One Beer Weird


Hey gorgeous! If you’ve made it this far you’re probably my kind of people already. I mean to get here you had to knowingly click on a link or type in a URL featuring my name – which is pretty confronting in itself – so go you! Pour yourself a wine, you deserve it.

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New Year, New Me? Nah, Same Me, New Date.


“The Final Countdown” by Journey is blasting from my tiny iPad speakers and I have no one to blame except myself. I was the one who selected the “Ultimate NYE Party” playlist from the plethora of options on Spotify and it’s a decision that I’m sticking with, despite the current outcome.

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Embarrassing tales of Christmas’ past


Merry Christmas my loves, at this time, this precious beautiful time of year, let us all take a moment to remember the special moments of festive seasons past. I hope my reflections help you too, to reminisce about the times that you wished you could swap families, go into witness protection or simply disappear, never to be heard from ever again.

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Ten Thoughts I’ve Had While Moving House


Hello Internet, I am moving house! Probably not news if you’re my Facebook friend though, since I’ve posted about 50 million status updates attempting to give away my furniture over the course of the last five weeks but that’s beside the point (however if you’re after a queen sized bed frame or a lounge, hit me up!). I digress.

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I Tried The Curry at Snowtown (So You Didn’t Have To)


A quick and innocent Google search of the term ‘Snowtown’ inevitably returns a Wikipedia page detailing the gruesome murders and decaying corpses, an IMDB link to the film that dramatized them and numerous news reports with in depth information explaining exactly how it all unfolded. Not a single page mentions the absolutely top notch curry and fried chicken that can be found at the Snowtown Servo. I believe that this is an absolute travesty that needs to be rectified post-haste so I took one for the team and ventured (far) past Gepps Cross to retrieve curry so good that it should be consumed by the barrel full.

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I Tried KFC’s Cola Wicked Wings (So You Didn’t Have To)


There has been much hype surrounding KFC’s new Cola BBQ Wicked Wings (mostly on KFC’s own Facebook page which I follow since I am of the sincere belief that simply seeing pictures of fatty food (and then consuming it) can make a hangover literally disappear).
It was due to this genius marketing technique (and a stream of constant ads on Spotify) that I found myself drawn to find out if they lived up to the hype.

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Sorry Not Sorry


I’m really sorry to say this but the word ‘sorry’ sucks. Is it just me or is it insanely over used? I know that I am constantly apologising for things completely out of my control – usually in the work place. I like to think that it makes me come off as a good person; helpful and polite. Whenever I do it though, I feel like a complete twat.

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I Have Embraced


“My body is the only thing that I truly own…I will strive to make it perfect in every possible way” – that’s something that I jotted down in a note book; I think I was eighteen or nineteen at the time.
While I was lucky enough – and yes, luck did have a lot to do with it, to spend a number of my adolescent years relatively unaffected by body image issues, as I hit my late teens looks became the primary focus of my attention.

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How I Developed My Love of Booze

Uraidla Pub

I don’t know what it is lately but I’ve been getting super nostalgic. All I listen to is throw back playlists; anything released in the last ten years makes me want to violently plug my ears and I am OBSESSED with the memories function on Facebook. What was that? Six years ago I rode my bike to the beach? Shit, past me was a far more glorious creature than I am now.

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Spotlight: Where Happiness Goes To Die


I would like to tell you that this is a happy story but it is not. At the beginning of this experience I was a happy go lucky young lady. Well a lot has happened since this morning and I write to you as a broken and fragile woman. This is not a tale of heroism; it is merely a tale of survival. There was no triumph over adversity in my adventures today however a simple and gracious, acceptance of my own mortality did occur.

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Hey Australia, I’m Not Okay

Sonia Kruger Post

This isn’t the first time that I’ve had to write a post like this. I hope and pray that it is the last but I’m not that naive.
I’m the one who’s always making a joke, always up for a bit of fun and general silliness but I can’t make jokes about this because it’s tearing my heart in two. Every ounce of my being aches as I write these words, as I think about the state of the world that we’re living in today.

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This is How You Adult (Apparently)

Aging blog

Tomorrow I turn twenty six. Today I went to work wearing a purple tutu, unicorn jumper and a flower wreath in my hair. Instead of the customary birthday office cake (usually from Costco or made by a loving wife) I took honey crackles. Partially because I don’t have a Costco membership or a loving wife but also because I am a big ‘old, silly ‘old kid at heart.

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With All the Love in the World, Fly Free Beautiful One

The last two weeks have been incredibly difficult for my family and I; tragically on the 17th of May my amazing brothers gorgeous fiance was taken from us. She was involved in an absolute freak single car accident, an accident that still doesn’t even seem to make much sense – and how can it ever? She was only 21, with so much life ahead of her to live, so many hopes and dreams but a desire for a humble yet wonderful life. Even though she was the most beautiful girl that most people had ever laid eyes on, she certainly wasn’t a princess (even though that’s exactly how my brother treated her – like she was the most wonderful little lady in the world). She was a tough little cookie, brave and fierce – she was training to be a vet nurse, while working in child care to save up for her November wedding, to start a life with my baby brother. As you can probably tell from her career choices, she really cared for others and for animals – she really truly did! So incredibly compassionate, this wonderful little gem touched the lives of so many people in her short time with us with her words and actions – she was the kind of girl who knew just how and when to give you a warm hug.

Snapped this photo a month or so ago when we were paintballing - only she could look so beautiful while pulling a face!
Snapped this photo a month or so ago when we were paint balling – only she could look so beautiful while pulling a face!

In the past week, we’ve all been riding a roller coaster of emotions; at first shock and a hell of a lot of grief, which has at times morphed into anger and frustration – how could someone so beautiful be taken so young? Horrible things cross your mind; mostly complete anger as to why others more ‘deserving’ were not taken in her place – why was someone who was so good taken from us? There were nights for all of us when we would wake up believing that she was still alive, that there had been a mistake, some kind of mix up.
I know that we will continue to feel this way at times but we can also be thankful that we were lucky enough to have met such an all round brilliant person. My heart has never ached the way that it has since we lost Rikki and as much as it hurts, I hope this pain never goes away – because I never want to forget how much joy she brought to our lives and I’m worried that the day it stops aching will be the day that you truly leave. I know though, that I shouldn’t be worried; she will be with us in every sunrise and sunset and each time we see a sunflower (her absolute favourite) or any bright or beautiful thing for that matter, we can all take comfort in the fact that she is still bringing us joy. What has been one of the biggest struggles is trying to think of how we can now all live that extra bit of life for her. When trying to think of what things she may have wanted to achieve in life, the only thing I could think of (apart from her desire to visit Harry Potter world) was her overwhelming urge to just marry my bother and have beautiful babies. It hurts to know this is a dream she can never achieve but if we all make sure we fiercely chase down our own dreams on her behalf, she will live a bit of extra life through each and every one of us.

At her engagement to my brother - your love is one to truly be envied.
At her engagement to my brother – your love is one to truly be envied.

I was fortunate enough to have the oppourtunity to speak at a celebration for her life after her funeral – a truly special event where we were able to bring some of the dreams that she had for her wedding to life, tasting the food, cakes and wine she had selected, leaving our mark on the finger print tree that she had thought up for her wedding and enjoying the decorations and colours that she loved so much. I have included below what I wrote for her and although I now know that ‘closure’ is something that my family or I will never ever truly feel, every little piece of therapeutic action we take will help us just a little bit. Rest in peace beautiful angel, though the world will be a little less bright without your smile to brighten it up every day, may you fly free and see the world from a better place x x

My favourite photo of this gorgeous girl, taken on Mothers Day, just three weeks ago, when the world was a brighter place. Her feet were sore from new shoes so my darling brother just started carrying her on his back. What a love.
My favourite photo of this gorgeous girl, taken on Mothers Day, just three weeks ago, when the world was a brighter place. Her feet were sore from new shoes so my darling brother just started carrying her on his back. What a love.

“A beautiful angel was taken from us far too soon. Rikki you were my surrogate sister, a beautiful little lady who brought so much happiness and joy to the lives of everyone around you. I will always be grateful for the love that you brought into my brothers life – you made him feel so special and wonderful. You two had the kind of love that others can only dream of. Not only did you light up his world though, but also when you came into his life you gained a whole new family, a daunting experience that you took completely in your stride. Where others have fled in fear from out big, boisterous and ridiculous family occasions, you fit right in, even showing us up sometimes. We knew straight away that you were the perfect addition to our crazy clan, boldly claiming your own gift – an inflatable pool toy, at the first Norton Kris Cringle and joining in on our silly games with full gusto. Your second choice for Christmas present, after having the pool toy stolen, was a washing basket full of toilet paper – and you were delighted! Never before have I seen a girl so happy about toilet paper – which I then went on to steal from you, as was the nature of the game! Never will there be a Norton family gathering where you won’t be missed, but your mark on our family will always be there. To us, you were already our sister; daughter, niece, cousin and granddaughter and forever you will remain.
Your vivacious spirit affected everyone you encountered; you were too kind, too beautiful and too courageous for us all to keep up. It has been absolutely phenomenal to hear from so many people about how you effected their lives – receiving messages from people who I didn’t even know you knew, about all the quirky little things you used to do has been so heartwarming. It’s a rare quality, but I don’t think there was a single person you met, whose life you didn’t have an impact on – even if it was just sharing your beautiful smile to brighten up their day. I know that personally I’ll never be able to eat spaghetti again without having a little laugh at your expense – and I’m sure that you know exactly what I mean! I can’t imagine that any other girl could have taken a shed and turned it into a warm and gorgeous home – even though it meant that you once found yourself sitting on the roof in the pouring rain, wearing only your pajamas and dressing gown, laughing while the boys fitted your new fireplace.
You were the crazy girl who got burns on her bum when sliding down the slippery dip at the pub but still went back to do it again, you put me to shame when we went paint balling – telling me that you were scared of getting hit before going in, along with your partner in crime, our beautiful Nicholas, all guns blazing and using up all your paint balls in the first round – and possibly even winning one round if I remember correctly!
Knowing you was one of the greatest gifts that my family and I could have ever received. Thank you for being you.
You followed your dreams with such fierceness and made us all so proud and humbled. You taught us to be brave and to follow our passions in life.
You were a precious gift sent to teach us how valuable life can be; because of you we will always be the best versions of ourselves. You’ve brought us all together here today, just like you matched up plenty of your friends, bringing new and wonderful friendships to this world, because bringing people together was just one of your many talents and thanks to you, your family will forever be ours.
Thank you beautiful, for coming into our lives, I just wish you could have stayed for a little while longer.”

She never had the chance to be a mother but my goodness would she have been an amazing mumma. She was a great God-Mother though and her spirit will live on through all those whose lives she touched.
She never had the chance to be a mother but my goodness would she have been an amazing mumma. She was a great God-Mother though and her spirit will live on through all those whose lives she touched.

Dear Australia, we need to talk…

So I’ve been mulling over this for a few days, wondering if I should or shouldn’t post this. A quick disclaimer, this post isn’t up beat like most of my others – it’s rather the opposite in fact. The event that I’m about to talk about brought about a range of feelings for me – fear, anger, disgust, sadness and disappointment, just to make a few. I don’t want to make this about something that happened to me either, because as I’m sure you’ll understand, I’m certainly not unique in this circumstance.

Something happened on the weekend, something that shouldn’t happen, to anyone, ever, wherever they are, under any circumstances what so ever.

I was at a music festival on Saturday and let’s just say it wasn’t the nicest of days – mud everywhere, wind constantly whipping around and rain continually falling from the dark clouds above. That didn’t mean that it wasn’t a brilliantly fun day – just marred by a few blemishes from Mother Nature! That being said, there was also something else that detracted from all the good stuff. Here’s what happened.
Like I said, it was raining, so in a last ditch attempt to stop my hair getting too wet, I wrapped my heavy scarf around my head and over my hair. There it stayed for a while, without me giving it a second thought. That’s when it happened. I was waiting in the (insanely long) line for the toilet with a friend and I was approached – no, actually, I was rushed at, by a complete stranger – an incredibly inebriated young girl who, all of a sudden began pulling at my scarf. The words that were coming out of her mouth were heinous; “Take that scarf off your head, people will think you’re a Muslim – don’t be a Muslim, Islam is bad” – and on it went. A girl (who I guess was a friend of hers) halfheartedly appologised and tried to pull her away – but she came back. As she aggressively pulled at my scarf, which, in my panic I refused to remove, she yanked at my hair, even pulling some clips out.

Just for context, this is the scarf and how I was wearing it (although I snapped this photo the following day, and yes I only half removed my make-up / face paint)
Just for context, this is the scarf and how I was wearing it (although I snapped this photo the following day, and yes I only half removed my make-up / face paint)

Immediately afterwards I was visibly shaken. Luckily my friend talked me down; “She’s obviously the kind of girl that gets her news from commercial TV and reads the Advertiser” – but that didn’t exactly help. The fact that anyone, regardless of how drunk and beyond their own inhibitions they were, would deem it okay to do that absolutely shocked me – especially a young, ‘normal’ enough seeming ‘lady’ – it was basically disgusting. Additionally, it thoroughly rattled me that this event coincided with ANZAC Day – a day on which we commemorate the sacrifices that were made in the past so that we could now live in a free country, filled with opportunity for all.

For me this really hit hard, you see three years ago I was fortunate enough to be selected to travel to Turkey (a secular nation whose predominant religion is Islam), and attend University with some amazing Turkish students. I spent ANZAC Day 2012 with them, and was able to learn about the experience of war from their perspective – not that different from ours, actually. I guess when I say ‘I have a lot of Muslim friends’ – it’s not just a token comment, it’s genuine. The guys and girls who I met in Turkey were some of the best people I’ve ever had the oppourtunity to work, and yes, party with – as I’m sure many uninformed Aussies may be surprised to learn, young Muslims aren’t that different to us. My friends and I danced the nights away in bars and clubs and my friends wouldn’t have been out of place at the music festival on Saturday – bar the attitudes of other attendees, that is. I pains me, in fact, that I just used the term ‘us’ to describe my group of people in order to differentiate us from the ‘other’ – because if I’ve learned anything, at the heart of the matter, we have a lot more in common with one another, than we have differences.

I don’t want this to be about ‘something that happened to me’ – because as a white Aussie, whose reason for having a scarf wrapped around my head has nothing to do with my religious belief, this didn’t have as much affect on me as it could have on others. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult, how horrible this would have been for any of my friends, who choose to remain covered due to religious or cultural beliefs – and just as much, I have many friends whose religious or cultural beliefs you wouldn’t be aware of unless they told you – as such, not knowing someones background does not excuse bigoted or insensitive behavior.
As educated Australians it is important to recognise that this isn’t who we are. That although one drunk girls idiotic behavior isn’t the reflection of our entire nation, it is the symptom of many under lying problems.

This should never have happened. I’m almost glad that it happen to me – like I said, better it happen to me than anyone in a more vulnerable position, however it just makes me deeply sad that any one would have such narrow minded thoughts in the first place. I’m not writing this because I want to be a voice for anyone else and I’m more than happy to be corrected however I do feel that when people act in a racist or bigoted manner, it is vital that we bring attention to it, talk about it and work together to try and stop it ever happening again.

With some of my amazing friends on the day.
With some of my amazing friends on the day.