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I’m a Communications Professional with over eight years industry experience in a diverse range of fields. I’ve worked for small businesses and large International companies, as well as everything in between.
I’ve played a part in many roles across these organisations, developing skills in Marketing, Communications and Events – as well as all the little intricate aspects that fall underneath these banners. I like to get my hands dirty within a role and in turn I’ve managed to learn plenty along the way.

As is the nature of the business, I’ve adapted some buzzwords along the way, my favourite and most fitting being the title of “Brand Storyteller”. I’m proud of the work that I have done within each and every role that I have taken on board to help bring the story of the brand to life, from creating a specific storytelling strategy that supports the overarching brand strategy, through to the final stages of bringing that to life with the right content and collateral balance, tailored, created and targeted to suit the audiences who need to see them. 

On top of this I’ve spent a lot of time on stage – in various capacities within performance, comedy and improv, so if I can be absolutely frank, there isn’t much that scares me anymore.

Over and above all of that though, I simply love to write. In every single role that I have taken on, the writing aspect is where I have thrived – and I’ve been told that I’ve got a bit of a knack for it too, which is always lovely to hear!

So if its words you need then I’m your copywriting girl! From highly structured corporate communications such as company profiles, press releases and branding documents right through to fun and quirky blogs or social content (with SEO always front of mind) I can cover it all!

I’m based in Melbourne but that’s never stopped me before – the power of the internet can help us overcome any geographical challenge the world can lay down. I’d love to meet you (even if it’s via the net) and help you face your communications challenge head on, but if you’re nearby, let’s grab a coffee instead!

Current Portfolio of Work:

Independence Australia – Brand Storytelling Components

Established for more than 60 years as a successful and well known not for profit, Independence Australia had previously struggled to communicate their social enterprise business model, a unique offering in the health care space, to their target markets. Working hands on with the brand and collaboratively with the digital marketing team and graphic design department, my communications team have successfully brought this message to life through the development of print, video, digital and podcast collateral. With the roll out of these components we have ensured all customer journeys have been considered and tailored content was created to suit each unique target markets’ needs.

Creation of brand about page to bring together broad web of organisational arms: https://www.independenceaustralia.com.au/our-story/ 

Creation of content / customer journey to enhance user understanding of NDIS consumables offering: https://www.independenceaustralia.com.au/navigate-the-ndis/ 


No Lights No Lycra – Brand Refresh 

In its tenth year of operation I took on a role with No Lights No Lycra to support in firming up their brand messaging, amongst other projects. As part of this we went back to the drawing board to establish a simple slogan to describe what the organisation is all about and we came up with: “we dance in the dark”.

The website refresh was completed to align with this, with new ‘about us’ copy being created. 

No Lights No Lycra Core site: https://www.nolightsnolycra.com/the-nlnl-story/

At this time we also launched the No Lights No Lycra Education Program, for which a full suite of messaging was created to communicate the brand offering to a whole new audience. 

No Lights No Lycra Education Program: https://education.nolightsnolycra.com  

Bike Melrose – Brand Story

Volunteer organisation Bike Melrose needed to tell their story in a way that set them apart from the crowd. I was able to work with them to create messaging which they could adapt and utilise across any application to help them do this in an ongoing manner.

This was led by strong messaging and tone of voice created for their website about page: http://www.bikemelrose.com.au

They have been able to successfully adapt this messaging to many applications, including a successful grant application which generated a 10 million dollar investment in projects led by the organisation.

Passion Projects

Writing brings me joy, I find the process delightful, right down to my core. One day I’ll finish the novel that I’m slowly chipping away at, exploring the intricacies of small town living from the perspective of the owner of the local post office, but until that day I’ll occasionally post random musings on the blog page, just to keep my soul satisfied. Find it here…

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