Hi there,
thanks for stopping by!

It’s lovely to meet you, even if there’s a screen between us, but I’m sure we’re going to get along just fine!

I’m a Communications Professional with over eight years industry experience in a diverse range of fields. I’ve worked for small businesses and large International companies, as well as everything in between.
I’ve played a part in many roles across these organisations, developing skills in Marketing, Communications and Events – as well as all the little intricate aspects that fall underneath these banners. I like to get my hands dirty within a role and in turn I’ve managed to learn plenty along the way.

On top of this I’ve spent a lot of time on stage – in various capacities within performance, comedy and improv, so if I can be absolutely frank, there isn’t much that scares me anymore.

Over and above all of that though, I simply love to write. In every single role that I have taken on board I have truly adored the writing aspect – and I’ve been told that I’ve got a bit of a knack for it too, which is always lovely to hear!

So if its words you need then I’m your copywriting girl! From highly structured corporate communications such as company profiles, press releases and branding documents right through to fun and quirky blogs or social content (with SEO always front of mind) I can cover it all!

I’m based in Melbourne but that’s never stopped me before – the power of the internet can help us overcome any geographical challenge the world can lay down. I’d love to meet you (even if it’s via the net) and help you face your communications challenge head on, but if you’re nearby, let’s grab a coffee instead!


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