Kate Miller-Heidke @ ADLFRINGE

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Performing to a sold-out crowd within the beautiful Spiegeltent, Kate Miller-Heidke captured the crowd from the moment she hit the stage and held them right through until the very end.

The ever-delightful Miller-Heidke, accompanied by collaborator and husband Keir Nuttall delivered a tight one-hour set, executed with expert precision. Banter with the crowd was brief yet charming, with a focus placed on ensuring the audience were able to experience as many songs as possible within the limited performance time. Utilising her phenomenal vocal range, Kate delivered a mix of old and new tracks including the emotionally engaging ‘Caught In The Crowd’, as well as a beautiful song which she wrote with Tina Arena last year detailing the turmoil of supporting a friend in an abusive relationship, moving a number of audience members to tears.

Not one to dwell on a moment of sadness, Kate regularly lifted the mood by adding tunes filled with biting humour and charming wit. With a voice to make angels sing, the occasional ‘bad word’ comes as a hilarious shock, but her gentle nature allows obscenities to fall from her mouth like drops of sunlight.

With a background in classical vocal techniques, while it almost felt like she was showing off, she did it with such casual and bashful ease the crowd fell in love with her time and time again. Probably the only person in the world whose shrieking could be described as gorgeous and melodic, Kate Miller-Heidke truly enthralled the crowd.

Noise bleed from nearby venues within the bustling area created a minor distraction however the spellbound crowd barely seemed to notice as all eyes (and ears) were focussed on the stage.

Wrapping up the hour with what began as a stripped back version of her first single from back in 2007, ‘Words’, the song built into an astounding performance complete with complex layering and looping. A well-deserved standing ovation closed out a stellar hour of entertainment.

The Worst Week of My Life…

I kid you not, this week was the absolute worst of my life.

Why? I hear you ask. Well, it’s because my car radio wasn’t working. All. Week. Long.

Major first world problem? Yes.

Me, dramatic? Yes.

Sorry? Not sorry.

Thankfully my car is working – but that’s the problem! I can get from a to b perfectly well – better than ever in fact, since that’s the source of the radio troubles. I had my car battery replaced last week but as a stupid ‘security’ measure *cough* scam to get money from innocent vehicle owners *cough*all Fords require a code to be put into the radio after the battery is replaced and guess what!? They’re gonna slog me $33 just to get the code from ‘head office’. SCAM MUCH?!

There has been something good that’s come of this though – my new found appreciation for a number of things, most notably the radio and CDs – but also of silence…surprisingly!!
So I’ve missed (and still am) missing music and company like hell – day one was okay, practiced my latest stand up routine a few times – day two, did the same! Guess what?! It totally paid off – absolutely KILLED it on Monday night! So did one of my amazing best buddies Brittany, who got up and tried stand up for the very first time! She says that she never wants to do it again – which is kinda cool that she just wanted to do it to tick it off her bucket list, but she was so amazing that I’d love to see her try again!
But I digress – the third day, I started singing. Show tunes, mostly. By day four, I’d decided that I have been ‘blessed’ with a voice that was never meant for anyone else to hear – least not until a few drinks in.

Day five…well that’s when it really started to drive me nuts. Suddenly I was feeling completely isolated! What was going on in the world? What if people’s music taste has changed in the past few days?! WHAT IF T-SWIZZLE RELEASES ANOTHER SONG AND I MISS IT?!
Goodness first world life can be a bit of a challenge…looks like those scam artists from Ford have won this round. I’ll be dropping by the dealership tomorrow to get them to work their magic.

Oh yeah, other unexpected side effect? Hearing the loud music blast from other drivers cars and realize;

a) some people have terrible taste in music

b) wow – people can probably hear when I play my terrible music really loud – awkies…