Ten People You’ll Meet in Mad March


Adelaide’s Mad March brings people from ALL walks of life into our CBD. It’s a crazy montage of arty-farties/Clipsal car loving bogans/Adelaide Festival snobs and of course the occasional Festival Grinch! And we wouldn’t have it any other way… Which one are you?

Read the full & original post on Adelady here: http://adelady.com.au/ten-people-youll-meet-in-adelaides-mad-march/



3 thoughts on “Ten People You’ll Meet in Mad March

  1. savvybookkeeping

    That’s a funny post. Not sure where I would fit in these scheme of things. Checked out the Garden of Unearthly Delights with our kids on a Sunday & caught one of the shows. Not really a car person, so have never been to the Clipsal. You could say Adelaide caters for every type of person this time of year! I love the Oz Azia Festival & look forward to that each year.

    • AliciaNorton

      Aw thank you! Absolutely – there is something for everyone in Adelaide, not just at this time of year but year round if you look hard enough! I love my little home town – and not just because it provides plenty to laugh at! Don’t bother with Clipsal, I have been a couple of times for work and it really wasn’t for me! I hope the rest of your Mad March and Festival Season is a blast!

      • savvybookkeeping

        Thanks Alicia – hope all the local businesses in Adelaide are benefiting from Mad March too. It’s great to get visitors over here to this great little part of Australia!

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