The Escape Room

Does voluntarily having yourself locked in a dark room for an hour just sound too good to resist? Then maybe you should go check out an Escape Room!
Last Friday, I elected to be locked in said room with my Mum, my aunty and my 15 year old cousin – completely unaware of what to expect! My friend Tiff had told me about them after giving one a go in Budapest – the unofficial capital of Escape Rooms. Apparently there are over 130 in the city of Budapest alone. We were in Melbourne, where there are 8 locations, and we took on a room in one of the newest locations. Our room was called ‘Lost in Paradise’ –and there wasn’t exactly anything too paradise like about it! That’s not to say it wasn’t great fun – it was in fact awesome! I can’t wait to try another one again sometime soon – and the best thing is, there’s one opening in Adelaide really soon! I’m so keen to give it a go – but why, I hear you ask, would I again choose to be locked in a dark room for an hour, to face the challenge of trying to get out of it?
Well why not?! The aim of the game is to follow a series of clues, unlock boxes, answer lateral thinking questions and figure out how to get out before the time is up. This means working as a team, figuring out the strengths of each member of your group and delegating as such. I’m not that great at using the lateral part of my brain sometimes (especially when I’m on holidays) so I immediately took on the role of investigator and delegator (because I’m a bossy bitch!), finding clues and hints and passing them out, whilst trying to help where I could. While we didn’t make it out in our allotted time – it took us just over 65 minutes in total and we had rather a bit of help from the game operator via a walkie talkie (you can request to have no help if you like), it was still a rad experience.
Like I said, I can’t wait to go again, so who wants to get a team together and dominate an Escape Room with me?! Promise not to be too bossy…!


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