that time I had a one mic stand…

I did something a little bit out of the norm the other night. In the lead up to doing it, some people called me brave, other people called me crazy, while a few looked genuinely concerned for me. Almost a week ago I had a go at stand up comedy. Yep, I willing partook in an act which many would describe as their own worst nightmare.

The feeling that I had in the hours leading up to my spot at a local (and incredibly supportive) open mic night was like nothing I had experienced before. I’ve felt a bit nervous here and there but this certainly took things to another lever – like ADHD butterflies has inhabited my stomach – and I was so uncomfortable, it was as if my sweat glands had developed their own sweat glads. I felt like I produced enough sweat to fill an olympic swimming pool – or at least one of those little kiddie clam shell things. I willingly went for a run after work to try and clam myself down – and this from someone who doesn’t like running. Most of the time I’d rather eat my own foot than willingly ‘go for a run’ like it ain’t no thang…but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Still on edge I drove to the gig, managing to get there without causing a major traffic incident. I decided a beer would calm me down (momentarily forgetting how beer makes me kinda burpy…) and chatted with mates to try and distract myself from what could be imminent social suicide…

A few acts hit the stage – some kicked goals while others bombed harder than…well hard. That being said, the audience were amazing at supporting the broad range of performers – suddenly I felt much more at ease.

My time came and just as soon as I hit the stage it was over – well in my mind at least. My five minute set when in a blur of bright stage lights and all of a sudden I was back and sitting in the audience. I could breathe again!

My friend’s assured me that I went well but I had my doubts. At the end of the night the MC announced the performer that he had deemed best, and all of a sudden he was saying my name (!) WHAT?! Needless to say I was on the best natural high all night – so good in fact that I don’t think I got a wink of sleep that night. Now the real test comes – I’m supposed to go back next week and back it up. Does anyone know any good methods for disappearing without a trace?!


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