Ten More Things I Know to not be True, A.K.A Health Related Lies I Tell Myself

  • Every Sunday night; “I’m going to eat healthier this week”
  • Monday morning after Sunday night’s health related declaration “Kale is delicious, especially at breakfast…”
  • Every Monday night; “That won’t be the last time I make it to the gym this week…”
  • During every workout session; “Burpees, push-ups and sit-ups are fun”
  • During early morning work-outs; “I am such a morning person, 5.30am is the best time of day, everyone who’s still in bed is really missing out!”
  • Some time, in fact several times mid-week; “I deserve this chocolate because I put in hard work at the gym two days ago…”
  • Friday night; “I’m going to be strong this time around and have an alcohol free weekend”
  • A tiny bit later Friday night; “Gin actually contains herbal properties that are beneficial to my immune system and coupled with tonic water, it’s pretty much a health drink”
  • Later on Friday night; “If I have one water for every alcoholic beverage, it’s like I never even drank in the first place, in fact I’ll end up healthier and be more hydrated in the long run”
  • Saturday morning; “Bacon and eggs with maple syrup is a superfood”
gin and tonic print
The slice of lime counts as fruit….fruit is healthy, right?

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