Get in My Belly…

Well, not literally. Please don’t get in my belly because that would be a little bit weird. Unless your first name is peanut butter and your last name is TimTam (because that’s likely…).

So I’m back in the blogosphere after a few years and many things have changed (we’ll get to those later) but many things haven’t – one being my immense, intense and all consuming absolute love of food. Does the food have to be fancy? Healthy? Even all that good? Not necessarily and tonights meal was an absolute testament to that.

After working my ass off at the gym in an energy pump class (yeah, get used to it, I’m now one of ‘those’ people who tell you all about how I exercise) I felt entitled to waste all of my hard work by making my house family (consisting of myself, my totally rad housemate Stacey and le boyfriend Rhys) hot dogs, coleslaw and sweet potato chippies for dinner – and freakin hell it kicked some massive master chef ass. Eat your heart out Master Chef Judges (I would name one of them…but I don’t know their names…).

So this is what my food looks like – yeah, it tasted better than it looks…


Hot Diggidy Dog Monday Dinner
Hot Diggidy Dog Monday Dinner


The highlight of the night though was the thing that truly destroyed any affect that the gym may have had…can I introduce, Peanut butter Tim Tams – new, innovative, in demand and delicious (hey, I should work in marketing…) these mouth watering little chocolate treats just got a million times better when they got together with my favourite breakfast spread, made sweet (geddit, sweet?!) chocolately love and made the most historically important offspring to grace the planet earth since Jesus Christ. I’ve heard a rumour (from a nutritionist friend – can’t trust those healthy types though…) that they use seven different colours of brown in the TimTam manufacturing process but I’ll be damned if any kind of health food mumbo jumbo ever stops me from indulging. In anything. Ever. By the grace of god I don’t know if I’ll ever experience anything so delicious again, so I sit here writing to you, drinking wine in a post food orgasm state of relaxation, dreaming about my next mouthful of happiness. Oh and please note, that this post is in no way sponsored by Arnotts – although I wish it was…because then maybe they would give me more TimTams, but a gal can only dream!

Move over boyfriend, you just can't bring me the same kinda pleasure that these babies can!
Move over boyfriend, you just can’t bring me the same kinda pleasure that these babies can!

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