Womb Buddies…?!

It is possible to be friends with someone for your whole life, right until the very end?

I’m gonna say yes; I have at least one friend who I have known since the moment she was born. There are other ‘acquaintances’ – people who are in my life who I have known for just as long, but I think it’s pretty special to still have some as a person whom you would call a friend.
No, before you get too excited, I’m not talking about my mum (but she is pretty awesome- probably too awesome to be just a friend so ‘mum’ will be the best description for her!)

I’m talking about my ‘womb buddy’ – and no…that’s not some creepy new experimental pregnancy style… it’s the name that my friend came up with for us when she was oh so slightly inebriated! I think it fits- even though we never were never actual womb buddies- she was even born 18 months after me but we have been mates since the moment she bailed from the comfort of her mother.

It’s not like we’ve been besties – they are a whole different type all together, them and soul sisters, but that’s for another day. My womb buddy and I have always, ALWAYS had time for one another and more than that we have WANTED to spend time with one another, no matter what point we are at in our lives.

She’s studying to be a midwife. I don’t understand that life choice but does that matter? Hells no!

I often have a couple drinks too many and embarrass her (and the human species in general) in public but does she hold that against me?! I’m pretty (99%) sure not!

It’s pretty great to have a friend like that in your life. I’m writing this because she just celebrated her 20th birthday on the weekend (at which I did indeed have a couple of bevies…). It was great being able to see how much of a beautiful (inside and out) person she has become, how thoughtful, intellectual and damn right fun she is. I feel blessed to have such a special person in my life. Other friends have come and some have gone but having a bond like this can never be replaced.

Hannah- my womb buddy and I

P.S Can I guess that this totally gave away that I don’t have a sister- tell me, is it the same with a sister?!

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