A quick reminder that we all get older…

It’s funny the things that make cause you to come to an obvious realization.

This week it really hit me that we all get old. Every. Single. One Of. Us.

Even the formerly fabulous, nearly forgotten B-list Pop Stars of yesteryear, yeah I am talking about my childhood favorites S-Club 7. Why did I love them? Because there ain’t no party like an S-Club party. Why do I still love them? Because pretending that I am still 9 years old makes me feel pretty happy!

So I went to see S-Club 3 (not sure what happened to the other four…) using that fact that one of my besties was performing as one of their back up dancers as an excuse and guess what?! A lot can change in 12 or so years…Paul got fat, Jo too (and she’s a little more plastic) but Bradley is still as sexy as ever (albeit in need of a decent stylist).

One thing that hasn’t changed though was the fact that my booty could not help but shake to ‘viva la fiesta’, my hands simply had to ‘Reach for the Stars’ and yeah, then everybody ‘got down’ to the S Club Party on a freezing Thursday night in little old Adelaide.

It was a little awkward when each singer attempted to sing an original song (except Paul who attempted to cover a Kings of Leon track) and the crowd didn’t quiet dig it. Poor Bradley was also a little shocked to learn that here in Aus, Peter Andre is not really that cool.

Alas, although time had taken its toll on the group, I admittedly paid $30 for a severely discounted ticket to the show (who would have thought that S-Club wouldn’t sell out?!) and it was worth it. The group were aging a bit and surprisingly they weren’t overly glamorous about it but they looked like they were having a freakin blast.

They aren’t the tanned, fit and toned little things that popped up on our screens ten or so years back – they are real people and they get to travel, meet new people, dance and sing on stage every night and party harder than me! It’s not exactly the dream rock n roll lifestyle…it’s not even really a proper pop lifestyle but it seems pretty cool to me!

Maybe getting older doesn’t have to be an entirely bad thing after all….


All seven members in 2012- Paul second from left, Jo the next one along and Bradley the gorgeous puppy dog eyed lad second from the right!

This glorious image came from here…

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