Womb Buddies…?!

It is possible to be friends with someone for your whole life, right until the very end?

I’m gonna say yes; I have at least one friend who I have known since the moment she was born. There are other ‘acquaintances’ – people who are in my life who I have known for just as long, but I think it’s pretty special to still have some as a person whom you would call a friend.
No, before you get too excited, I’m not talking about my mum (but she is pretty awesome- probably too awesome to be just a friend so ‘mum’ will be the best description for her!)

I’m talking about my ‘womb buddy’ – and no…that’s not some creepy new experimental pregnancy style… it’s the name that my friend came up with for us when she was oh so slightly inebriated! I think it fits- even though we never were never actual womb buddies- she was even born 18 months after me but we have been mates since the moment she bailed from the comfort of her mother.

It’s not like we’ve been besties – they are a whole different type all together, them and soul sisters, but that’s for another day. My womb buddy and I have always, ALWAYS had time for one another and more than that we have WANTED to spend time with one another, no matter what point we are at in our lives.

She’s studying to be a midwife. I don’t understand that life choice but does that matter? Hells no!

I often have a couple drinks too many and embarrass her (and the human species in general) in public but does she hold that against me?! I’m pretty (99%) sure not!

It’s pretty great to have a friend like that in your life. I’m writing this because she just celebrated her 20th birthday on the weekend (at which I did indeed have a couple of bevies…). It was great being able to see how much of a beautiful (inside and out) person she has become, how thoughtful, intellectual and damn right fun she is. I feel blessed to have such a special person in my life. Other friends have come and some have gone but having a bond like this can never be replaced.

Hannah- my womb buddy and I

P.S Can I guess that this totally gave away that I don’t have a sister- tell me, is it the same with a sister?!

A quick reminder that we all get older…

It’s funny the things that make cause you to come to an obvious realization.

This week it really hit me that we all get old. Every. Single. One Of. Us.

Even the formerly fabulous, nearly forgotten B-list Pop Stars of yesteryear, yeah I am talking about my childhood favorites S-Club 7. Why did I love them? Because there ain’t no party like an S-Club party. Why do I still love them? Because pretending that I am still 9 years old makes me feel pretty happy!

So I went to see S-Club 3 (not sure what happened to the other four…) using that fact that one of my besties was performing as one of their back up dancers as an excuse and guess what?! A lot can change in 12 or so years…Paul got fat, Jo too (and she’s a little more plastic) but Bradley is still as sexy as ever (albeit in need of a decent stylist).

One thing that hasn’t changed though was the fact that my booty could not help but shake to ‘viva la fiesta’, my hands simply had to ‘Reach for the Stars’ and yeah, then everybody ‘got down’ to the S Club Party on a freezing Thursday night in little old Adelaide.

It was a little awkward when each singer attempted to sing an original song (except Paul who attempted to cover a Kings of Leon track) and the crowd didn’t quiet dig it. Poor Bradley was also a little shocked to learn that here in Aus, Peter Andre is not really that cool.

Alas, although time had taken its toll on the group, I admittedly paid $30 for a severely discounted ticket to the show (who would have thought that S-Club wouldn’t sell out?!) and it was worth it. The group were aging a bit and surprisingly they weren’t overly glamorous about it but they looked like they were having a freakin blast.

They aren’t the tanned, fit and toned little things that popped up on our screens ten or so years back – they are real people and they get to travel, meet new people, dance and sing on stage every night and party harder than me! It’s not exactly the dream rock n roll lifestyle…it’s not even really a proper pop lifestyle but it seems pretty cool to me!

Maybe getting older doesn’t have to be an entirely bad thing after all….


All seven members in 2012- Paul second from left, Jo the next one along and Bradley the gorgeous puppy dog eyed lad second from the right!

This glorious image came from here…

Things that I would do if I were rich: part one.

So I am sure that we’ve all got a list or at least a few ideas of what we would do if we were rich. If we won the lottery, married a wealthy man or -god forbid- managed to earn a decent living on our very own there are ways that we can all imagine spreading that cash around.

Some are noble. Some are…less noble (selfish?!)

Today I am going to talk about the number one on my list which is most certainly NOT a noble way to splash my hard earned dollars….so, here goes…if I had a substantially large amount of disposable income I would….pay someone to wash my hair at least once a week.

Yup, that’s it.

I don’t thing I would but expensive handbags or get regular massages, manicures or pedicures, I would just like someone to wash my hair, please and thank you.

If I fail to earn enough money to make this happen I think that I may have to find a hairdresser to marry or pray that I die and come back as a pet dog in my next life.

I can already feel the glares and looks of confusion- wouldn’t you donate to charity or invest or ANY THING ELSE?! Well, as I said, this is only ONE thing on my list.

Anyhow, those who have never experienced someone washing their hair can not relate. I’m on this topic because I went for my 6 weekly visit to the hairdresser last night- I really do look forward to it – especially the moment when she goes to get rid of those alien foils and rinses and washed and add the toner and and…well…it’s just glorious! A few weeks ago I was in Kuala Lumpur and I paid $7.50 AUD for a wash and dry and it was amazing. Perhaps I need to move there.

Is it because it reminds me of being a child and having my hair washed? Is it because someone is actually paying attention to ME? Is it the amazing head massage involved or is it because I’m too lazy to put in any real effort normally so it’s the only time that my hair gets a real clean…?

What ever it is, I love it.

Pathetic yet probably expensive – but hey I’m cutting back on chocolate so I’ve gotta have some kind of indulgence!

So my advice for today – as pathetic as it – is to go and get your hair washed by some one else. Also, if you get it done by a student hairdresser it will be cheaper AND you will be doing a good deed by allowing someone to use you to practice on (if that’s a risk you’re willing to take) – but then it’s win win!



Travel, for in travelling there are five benefits…

Today I was lucky enough to go and speak to a group of year 6/7 students about a recent study tour to Turkey which I participated in recently. The main goal of working with these students was to share with them some of the insights which I gained into the Turkish culture.

Study Group at Istanbul University
Students from the University of South Australia in one of the beautiful lecture halls at the stunning University of Istanbul

The most eye opening thing which I learned was the Turkish people have a huge amount of respect and affection for Australians.

I guess that this shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise- but it worried me that I feel as if here in Australia, we don’t feel the same toward the Turkish people. In fact, as Australians we seem to feel pretty resentful toward other cultures and I think we can learn a lot from a country – like Turkey who have been invaded for hundreds- even thousands- of years and feel little to no resent toward the invaders- but that’s another thing all together!

The thing about today was that, after telling the kids a bit about Turkey and then telling them about the affection they feel for us, the students said that they wanted to learn more. We came up with the idea to try and start an e-pal program (like pen pals for the tech-savvy new gen) and I was so delighted! I got my message though (and the kids helped me mange to come up with a great idea for my uni project…)

It’s a small start- but maybe, like one of the students suggested when I was in Turkey we can start with a small drop in the ocean and begin to create waves!



P.S I just want to share what  is my favourite quote at the moment;

Leave your country in search of enlightenment

Travel, for in travelling there are five benefits;

Dissipation of worry, the gaining of enlightenment,

Science, literature and the company of the honorable.

– Imam Ali